Friday, January 14, 2011


I was a bit sore from my walk yesterday, especially in my hips. So I did some slow belly dance hipwork today. Once I didn't feel so stiff anymore I was able to move on to some ribcage circles. I have some sore muscles right under my bottom ribs in the back. Several times throughout the day I  pause to stretch. I'm getting used to dancing in the alley in front of my garage door. I'm thinking of taking my oriental rug out there and rolling it out so I can do some floorwork. My neighbors do odd things in the alley too, everything from smoking pot to dumpster diving, so I'm learning to ignore their weird stares. I'm tempted to start a new troupe and dub it the alleycat dancers. Anyone else want to come dance in my alley? It would be a nice change from the people that meet in the alley to drink beer.

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