Monday, January 12, 2009

Evening stroll

I felt so fat and out of shape after having a cold for a week, so I went for a 30 min. walk. Venus is rising and looked beautiful against the cerulean sky. At one point I saw what looked to be a dead kitten laying on the grass along the sidewalk, but it was a crow. That sounds ominous.

It's so balmy out that even in a sleeveless t-shirt it felt hot outside.
My right hip and left ankle were really stiff and on the painful side, but about 20 minutes into it the soreness went away for a bit.


For five days I had a miserable cold. I spent a lot of time laying down or sitting on the couch. Now that I can start working out again, I feel so far behind. Like there is just too much of me and nothing is changing and I could just scream about that. Oh how I envy people that don't have weight issues. This photo shows exactly how I feel. I took it yesterday.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Superstars of Dance

I had left the TV on but on mute earlier and when I walked into the living room to dance, I saw that Superstars of Dance was just starting it's second hour. So I got to dance along with their music.

In a way that show is like apples and oranges. How can a judge compare hip hop to Russian ballet and African fusion? I couldn't do it.

The first group I saw was from India and I loved, loved, loved it. The women wore skirts perched on their hips with either a center slit or a side slit and solid colored pants underneath and bikini style tops and Bollywood colors. I was disappointed that the judges gave them a lower score than I thought they deserved.

Then there was a couple from China who perform with the Big Apple Circus in New York. The woman stood on the guy's shoulders in point shoes and balanced on one foot and did an arabesque and more. Difficulty wise I'd give that a 15, but considering it's a dance competition and not circus skills or acrobatics, they got a pretty low score. Not really their venue.

The show was closed by a USA group called the Groovaloos. Hip Hop is not my favorite genre but they did a great routine full of complicated choreography. They came in second in groups so will advance on to the next show.

I loved the contemporary dancer from Australia. He stole my heart with a complicated and difficult routine that relied heavily on ballet training. Remarkable.

So I got to dance an hour and see an exciting show. But oh boy am I sore especially my lower back and my shoulders. Time for a hot shower.

The Legend Twyla Tharp

Twyla Tharp on Creativity.

Dance Fast Before Its Too Late

Ack, my boyfriend is coming back from his trip a week early. No midnight dancing for me. Sigh. Maybe I better do it right now before he gets home. I'm praying he doesn't plop his bins and suitcases right in the middle of my dance space. Anyone know how to make a circular force field?

Benjamin Button Movie~no spoilers~

If you love ballet, be sure to go see Benjamin Button. The movie just came out.

The Midnight Hour

The lovely thing about being alone tonight is I got to do my workout at midnight, something I never would have done if someone was trying to get some sleep in here. And at least for the moment, the living room is cleared out enough to dance in. I'll try to keep it clear, but my boyfriend is so often at cross purposes with that. He starts projects in there and doesn't clear them away for days. I thought I'd miss him more but I'm thrilled to have the space. For the last month his new bike (in pieces) has been parked in the living room. He only moved it because my daughter and son-in-law came to visit, and we had to fold out the sleeper sofa. It frustrates me that he won't do it just for me, but he'll do it for company. Every time I clear a dance space he fills it with boxes because 'there is no other place to set them down'. Well, where would he have set them if I didn't just clear a 10x10 foot space? I don't know if non-dancers will ever understand how much we need space we can work out in.